About Us

The company
Gorilla Wear is a legendary worldwide bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle brand. The brand was founded in 1982 in the United States of America. We have been delivering workout and lifestyle apparel and accessories “For the Motivated” ever since.

Our mission
“To bring additional motivation through high quality athleisure to all muscular and strong Athletes Worldwide”

Our mission outlines our purpose as a company. We are dedicated to providing remarkable gym wear that are manufactured to increase user’s performance and maximize comfort by using the finest materials and most innovative technologies. Gorilla Wear relies on the best tools, the best materials, and the most skilled workforce to achieve this mission.

Our vision
“To become the global leader in athleisure for the muscular and strong Athletes!”

With customers in 150 countries and more than 65 established distributors we are actively spreading the gym and lifestyle apparel globally. Whether you are addicted to the gym, a bodybuilder, physique athlete, male or female, our design and development team provides you with the apparel that ensures you the best and most comfortable fit during your demanding workouts.

In order to create the perfect apparel we created and cooperate with the #TEAMGORILLAWEAR consisting of the best athletes around the globe, such as Big Ramy, William Bonac, Dennis Wolf, Dennis James and Kevin Osazee. Influenced by their demands in quality, functionality we will provide you with a unique apparel that will fit, will not break down and of course shows you are one of the motivated. Are you interested in representing Gorilla Wear and becoming a member of the #TEAMGORILLAWEAR? If you think you got what it takes you can apply here! Check out all our athletes here!

Headquarters and warehouses
We deliver our high-quality products from two different locations in the world. Our HQ and warehouse in the United States of America is based in Traverse City Michigan. From this location we deliver to our consumer within America. The HQ and warehouse outside the United States of America from which we deliver worldwide is located in The Netherlands. Besides the fact that Gorilla Wear is currently represented by established distributors in over 65 countries, we are still looking for possibilities to expand our brand awareness and team. Do you want to be the exclusive sole distributor of your country? Contact us at info@gorillawear.com for the possibilities.