A note to all members of #TEAMGORILLAWEAR

Everyone around the globe faces a serious challenge due to the COVID-19, which we all have to overcome together as a team. As we are used to working hard to accomplish what we strive for in life, we call on everyone to stay motivated and inspire your surroundings to get through this tough time as a team.

Gorilla Wear is operating under normal conditions. We are in the process to release new arrivals that are hitting very soon, stay tuned.

Due to the COVIC-19 issues, we are running about 2-3 business days behind on the shipping due to the huge influx of incoming orders. We are trying to keep our employee numbers lower in the warehouse per shift. We must follow the CDC Guidelines in order to remain operational, this includes lower employee numbers per shift, temperature checks before they begin shifts, and quarantining incoming shipments. We are running operations 7 days a week to ship as many packages as possible. Each team works 3, 12 hour days and then we take a team for Saturdays as well. As you can see from this we are trying to serve you the best we can :-)

To improve customer experience, we extended our returns policy to 30 days.

In the first place comes the health and safety of all our members of #TEAMGORILLAWEAR. We are following the health and safety guidelines which are linked directly to our distribution team and partners globally. We will take all the necessary steps to guard safe delivery.


Here is a personal message from the current Mr. Olympia 2019 and GW Athlete Brandon Curry to YOU