Bigger glutes? Do these excersises!

Bigger glutes? Do these exercises!

For many women, getting bigger glutes is one of the main reasons why they work out. But how do you get really good glutes? Many women immediately think of the squat, but this is certainly not the only way to get good glutes. Therefore, this blog contains exercises that will help you grow your glutes.

Barbell for the win

The following exercises usually require the use of a barbell, but it is also possible with a dumbbell or kettlebell. The hip thrust is one of the best exercises for growing the gluteal muscle. The idea is to sit on the floor with the weight on your hips. Then lie down with your back against a bench and make sure your head is also on the bench. This is the starting position. Then push your hips up and tighten your glutes. Make sure you focus on a gentle backward movement, as this is very important for the growth of the muscle.

If you are not advanced enough for the hip thrust yet, the glute bridge is a good alternative. With this exercise you don't use a barbell, but for example a dumbbell or kettlebell. Place these in the same position as the barbell for the hip thrust. Then make the same movement. However, the difference here is that you are not lying with your shoulders and head on the bench, but on the floor.

The second exercise is the walking lunges. In this exercise, it is again customary to use a barbell. The idea is to place the barbell in your neck, just like with the squat. Then take one step forward at a time. It is important that the feet and knees point forwards. Then slowly sink straight down and do not move forwards or backwards. Again, make sure that the focus is on the eccentric return movement. The walking lunges will definitely make you start sweating, so it is important to wear airy clothes. The Estelle Twisted Crop Top has a great design and a soft fabric. Combine them with the leggings and pants.

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Squeeze it!

The glute kickback is an exercise in which you kick back. It is important that you maintain a neutral position in your back. Place your hands and knees on the floor and then bring one leg back. Keep a slight bend in the beginning. Tense the gluteal muscles well at the top so that you can "squeeze" them. To make the exercise more difficult, you can do it with rubber bands or cables. In this case, place the elastic or cable over the sole of your school. Just check the Seattle Tank Top. This Tank Top is everything you need during training and is available in three colours!

To develop large glutes, the outside of the glutes and hips are also very important. Well-developed outer glutes and hip muscles ensure a wider and therefore larger view of the glutes. The side kick is a good exercise to grow this muscle. Do this by lying on your side and supporting your head with the arm that is currently on the ground. Then bring your leg up in a straight line and make sure you keep the tension on the side of your hip.

The last exercise is the cable pull through. This exercise is perfect for “squeezing” your glutes. Take a rope and attach it to a cable station at the lowest point. Allow your back to the cable station and grab the rope through your legs. Then stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Try to keep an upright posture and let the rope slide through your legs and slowly bring your upper body forward. Then come back up and tighten your buttocks by moving forward so that you are standing straight again. Just check Monetta Perfomance T-Shirt. This T-Shirt is perfect for workouts and is made to keep you cool.

The above exercises are guaranteed to help you get bigger glutes. Do these exercises at least twice a week for optimal growth. Combine them with other exercises in your workout to keep it varied. Of course, the squat remains one of the best exercises for the buttocks, but don't underestimate the above exercises either. Don't hesitate to share your experiences and results about the above exercises with #TEAMGORILLAWEAR on our socials!


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