How developing six pack Abs during NFL combine Training can benefit Bodybuilding?

How developing six pack Abs during NFL combine Training can benefit Bodybuilding?

It seems like the sport of bodybuilding does not relate to combine training but there are similarities. The athletes in both sports are preparing for an event that requires mental focus, proper nutrition, a training plan, and of course those six-pack abs. The offensive and defensive linemen may not need to show up with six pack abs, but lowered body fat will improve their performance. However, having a six pack when the athletes are highlighted at the NFL combine is part of the evaluation for the skill positions. It lets the evaluators know that the athletes were disciplined enough to control their caloric intake, types of foods, and follow a conditioning program. I will not tell you that six pack abs will be possible without following a nutritional plan as that is not true. Our job as trainers is to make the process easier and we have found having meals prepared to be the easiest way to ensure the athletes are receiving the correct macro and micronutrients for their desired goals as well as physical activity. We collaborate with a company called Long life meal prep in Jamestown, NC which has all our meals delivered to the gym. Nutrition will only be part of the routine if you want a well developed and strong set of abs. Our combine training athletes work to develop the stability, strength, power, and aesthetics of that region.

Stability is important for bodybuilders as the goal is to ensure that they are healthy enough to train body parts. The core region being stable will ensure that the lower back does not become mobile which can cause injury. There is nothing worse than an injury when preparing for a bodybuilding show as you will not be able to train other body parts that were lagging. We have found success training stability with Dr. Stuart McGill’s Big 3 which include the front plank, side plank, and bird dog. You can increase the difficulty of these exercises by adding repetitions, time under tension, changing the leverages, sets, and resistance. Please see examples below.

Shredded Shredded

Strength of the abs are important for bodybuilders as it ensures that imbalances are not being created. For instance, having strong spinal erectors with poor abdominal strength. We emphasize maintaining a neutral spine during these movements due to their sport or everyday activities that may demand flexion. We do not want to add more flexion exercises during our training routine. However, some trainees can benefit from some flexion exercise if they do not have a history of back pain with flexion exercises. We like to perform sit up and press, Russian twists, weight pull downs, ab curl on stability ball, jack knife on stability ball, palloff press, med ball tosses, shoulder taps in the bear position, DB carries, and half-kneeling Turkish get ups.


Power is important for bodybuilding as it helps develop the efficiency and speed of the nervous system. This is important to develop the mind muscle connection when wanting to improve the size of the muscle. It engages the muscle on each repetition since bodybuilders often use greater time under tension to develop muscle size. Many of the movements you may want to hire a professional to ensure that you are ding them properly to avoid injury. I recommend that you start with shorter distances, less resistance, and lower repetitions. We like to develop power with med ball tosses, bands, resistance sleds, and body weight movements. For instance, foam box jumps, side to side med ball tosses, sled pushes, rotational band turns, hill sprints, Stability Ball Pushes, Band Chest Press, X band walk, partner leg tosses, clapping push-ups, and forward GHR L sit ups.



Lastly, we will discuss aesthetics or how the abs appear. You will not be able to see the definition of your abs unless your nutrition is dialed in. Every bodybuilder I know has a meal plan or strategy that they follow leading up to the contest. Our strategy is to have our nutritionist Tavis Piattoly develop a nutritional plan which involves goals, current activity level, daily schedule, and several meal options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks. Also, we make our meal prep company Long life meal plan aware and they provide meals with the exact macros and micronutrients listed on the containers to ensure you are on target. We also use several supplements which we have found effective for the needs of the athletes. We use TYM performance supplements due to them being evaluated for banned substances, great tasting, informed choice certified, no fillers, and great formulations by Dr. Rob Wildman. Protein powder is to help us repair muscle tissue and ensure we consume one gram per bodyweight. Fish oil helps our brain health, heart health, increases our Omega 3 fats, and decreases inflammation. We also use creatine which increase our ATP production, power, and can improve brain function.

Good luck to all!


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