These 3 outfits are perfect during your workout, but also for casual occasions!

These 3 outfits are perfect during your workout, but also for casual occasions!

Everyone knows it: you wake up and plan to go to the gym. Or you want to take a rest day today. You make your favorite breakfast, get dressed and take your pre-workout or protein shake. But what exactly do you wear? Everyone has his or her own preference. One likes oversized and the other likes a nice hoodie with matching pants, but there are also people who love tank tops. Therefore, in this blog you will find 3 outfits that provide inspiration for your perfect outfit. Whether you are going to work out or relax, they are suitable in any situation.

Style is oversized

Oversized clothing is a staple in the fashion world these days. The clothing known for its roomy fit is very popular. This is partly due to the relaxed fit, because it is oversized it is not close to your body and it feels very comfy. Perfect for after and before your workout. Gorilla Wear has therefore added the Banks Set to its collection. This set is known for keeping you perfectly warm before and after intense workouts. Besides that, the Banks Oversized Hoodie and Banks Workout Pants are suitable for every situation. So: do you want a comfy outfit that is perfect for both before and after your workout, but also for casual occasions? Then choose the Banks Set. This set is available in two different colors.

Newark Banks

Make it functional

When you have an outfit, it's convenient that you can put a lot in it. Think of your phone and car key or bike key. However, many clothings do not have this. In response to this problem, Gorilla Wear designed the Newark Set This set has a regular fit and is available in three different colors. The spacious pockets provide room for many items. Not only the Newark Pants, but also the Newark Sweatshirt has a pocket. This one is located on the left chest and besides the bold design, it also has room for the former stuff. Perfect for during your intense workout or relaxing at home.

For the ladies

The above outfits are made for men, but this set is perfect for women. This is the Pixley Collection. Like the two above, this collection is made for during your workout, but also for casual use. The slim fit ensures that the clothing fits your body perfectly. The Pixley Zipped Hoodie and the Pixley Crop Top Hoodie both have a hood. In addition, the Pixley Hoodie is very easy to put on and take off by means of a zipper. The Pixley Sweatshorts and Pixley Sweatpants both have an elastic waist that ensures they can be worn anywhere. This collection is available in three different colors, so perfect!

All these sets are made to complete your outfit. So don't hesitate and score them, because you won't regret it. They are too comfy to miss! All three outfits are great to combine with the Gorilla Wear High Tops and Gorilla Wear Gym Hybrids. With these shoes, you'll be totally in Gorilla Wear style. Don't hesitate and share your outfit with #TEAMGORILLAWEAR.





  • Mar 30, 2021
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