These are the top 5 meals of our athlete Kevin Osazee for maximum muscle growth

These are the top 5 meals of our athlete Kevin Osazee for maximum muscle growth

This blog features the top five meals of our athlete Kevin Osazee. Kevin has been training for years and has participated in several bodybuilding competitions. Your training is very important, but nutrition should definitely not be underestimated. Therefore, this blog will give you more information to maximize your muscle growth. With each meal it is important that it contains enough protein, because this ensures the recovery of the muscles. Carbohydrates contribute to energy and repair red blood cells. Fats also contribute to energy, but is especially important because it is the building material of our cell blackberries. This is specifically about the healthy fats called omega 3. The meals are divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner.


For breakfast it is important to eat a healthy meal that gives you a lot of energy. Kevin often starts with an egg. Eggs contain healthy fats, lots of protein and vitamin B. Perfect to start your day with. It's up to you how you prepare it: scrambled, fried or boiled.

Besides egg, Kevin is also a fan of oatmeal. Oatmeal consists of slow carbohydrates and this ensures that you remain satiated for a long time. This can be combined with milk, protein powder or your choice and fruit, for example. The last option is a protein shake. This immediately provides a good protein intake and is easy to make. Ideal for a busy morning before work begins. Order your Gorilla Wear Shaker now for the best protein shakes!

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Lunch and Dinner

Lunch and dinner do not have many differences. These meals can therefore easily be switched. Kevin often uses white fish, chicken filet or lean beef as a protein source. Your body processes white fish very quickly. In addition, chicken filet and lean beef are also very low in fat but high in protein. So perfect.

The protein sources are then supplemented with carbohydrates. This often consists of rice or sweet potato combined with lots of vegetables. Vegetables contain important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. The most important vitamins are vitamin C and A. In addition, vegetables also contain a lot of folic acid, potassium, iron and calcium. In addition, many vegetables also provide a satiated feeling. In fact, vegetables are low in calories and this makes it more accessible to eat more so you are less likely to feel hungry after your meal.

These are the best meals of our athlete Kevin Osazee. It is important to note that each body has a different ratio. Every single body is different, so it is important that quantities are adapted to your body.

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  • Mar 23, 2021
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