These fighting products will make you a real fighter!

These fighting products will make you a real fighter!

Gorilla Wear has some great athletes as partners. Some of these athletes are active in the world of martial arts. Cody Garbrandt is active in the UFC bantamweight division with the UFC. He is #2 Bantamweight and has previously been a world champion. Kamaru Usman is world Welterweight Champion at UFC and is also an MMA fighter. Erko Jun is a KSW Pro MMA fighter. He managed to win three of his five official matches. Peter Aerts is a three-time K-1 Grand Prix champion. Partly because martial arts is so big worldwide and great athletes are associated with Gorilla Wear, the fighting gear collection was made. But what are the best products to become a real fighter? You can read that in this blog.

Boxing Gloves

Buying boxing gloves is not always easy. What material should the gloves be made of? What size do you need? Who has the best quality? The last question is easy to answer: Gorilla Wear of course. First of all, it's important to use Boxing Bandage underneath the boxing gloves. This ensures strengthening of the wrists and important bones in the hand. In addition, it allows for more powerful punches. Gorilla Wear has Boxing Bandage in the classic colors to give you enough protection.

Gorilla Wear Tank Tops Gorilla Wear Tank Tops

Gorilla Wear has a large selection of boxing gloves with matching Shin Guards. All boxing gloves have been tested by the athletes named earlier in this blog: Cody Garbrandt, Peter Aerts, Kamaru Usman and Erko Jun. To begin with, the Montello Boxing Gloves, made in collaboration with Cody Garbrandt, are made for beginner and advanced fighters. The glove has anti-transpirant holes and the mesh in the palm of the glove ensures that your hands do not overheat. The developed thumb is especially made so that you ensure to have less chance of injuries. The water absorbing leather ensures that the gloves do not get soaked.

The third glove are the Ashton Pro Boxing Gloves. This glove has five layers of foam that cushions shocks like never before. In addition, the premium leather acts as a shield and provides an improved punch towards your opponent. The glove has a separate palm, so you have more strength around your wrist. With the velcro strap, you can close the glove so that your punches hit even harder. The fourth and final boxing gloves are the Yeso Boxing Gloves. These are the most classic fighting gloves that Gorilla Wear has. The classic and rugged look was designed in collaboration with Peter Aerts. The gloves ensure that you have less chance of injury through the multi-layer foam. The foam, in combination with the premium leather, creates a kind of shield.


MMA Gloves

Just like the boxing gloves, the MMA gloves are also made in collaboration with our athletes. The Berea MMA Gloves Gloves (without thumb) were created for various combat sports in collaboration with Cody Garbrandt. This boxing glove is designed without a thumb for better fighting and no distractions. The Velcro strap that falls completely around the wrist allows for a personalized fit while still providing strength in the wrist. The Manton MMA Gloves and Gel Gloves with Wrap are designed. These are light, so you can wear them perfectly under boxing gloves. The gel in the glove provides good shock absorption.

In short: plenty of choice. Whether you're training for your next professional boxing match or sparring with your training buddy. Gorilla Wear is proud of the fighting collection designed in collaboration with the athletes. Check out the athletes on our website. Pair the gloves or shin guards with another outfit and tag us on social media with #TEAMGORILLAWEAR.


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