With these 4 tips, you will definitely be 'shredded' this summer!

With these 4 tips, you will definitely be 'shredded' this summer!

Wake up, summer is coming! Summer starts on the 21st of June and we want #TEAMGORILLAWEAR to be as shredded as possible! Therefore in this blog: 4 tips to get 'shredded' for next summer! But, what is 'shredded'? Shredded is a term that is used to indicate that someone is dry and well trained. But how do you get dry and shredded? The following four tips will tell you!

Start with a calorie deficit

The first tip is also the most important tip of this blog. A calorie deficit ensures that you take in fewer calories than you burn. But how many calories should you eat? This is different for each person, because not everyone needs the same number of calories. There are several sites that can help you with this. This brings us logically to tip number two: in general it helps to eat food that you can eat a lot of and which is low in calories. Vegetables are a very good example. They are low in calories and very filling. So you can eat enough of them, so you do get the "full" feeling. Drinking enough water also helps. This also gives you that 'full' feeling and water is also very healthy. Our Shakers can help with this, because with the Shakers can help with this, because with the Gorilla Wear Grip Sports Bottle 750ML you always have plenty of water with you.

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Cardio and protein

First of all, it's important that you enjoy your workout. However, it is important to continue to train effectively. You can be "shredded" with food and training alone, but it is also useful to add some cardio to the workout if necessary. This is especially important in the final period of the cut, because it is extra important to stay low in calories. Sometimes it is no longer possible to stay in a calorie deficit with food alone. This is the point where it is not possible to get rid of even more fat. Suffering from sweating during your cardio workout? Use our Gorilla Wear Gym Towel.

The fourth tip is also very important: eat enough protein! Proteins contribute to muscle recovery and muscle growth. This is especially important during a calorie deficit, because the calorie deficit already provides less energy. This also ensures that more fat is lost compared to muscle mass. In addition, protein-rich foods have also been proven to reduce your appetite. This is good for losing weight, because this way one is inclined to eat less quickly.

With these tips, you should be fine this summer! Show your summer body with the Tank Tops and Stringers from Gorilla Wear and don't forget to share your results by using #TEAMGORILLAWEAR on social media.


  • May 18, 2021
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