With these 5 excersises you will definitely grow your shoulders

With these 5 exercises you will definitely grow your shoulders

Many people think it is important to grow their arms or chest, but often forget about the shoulders. However, the shoulders are an important muscle group to train. Shoulders make you look broader and can give your waist a narrower look. When training the shoulders, it is also important to maintain a proud posture. That is, chest forward and shoulders back. This will ensure that you have a good posture and this will benefit all the muscles. The following five exercises will ensure proper growth of the shoulders.

Front delts

When training shoulders, it is important to train all parts of both shoulder heads. This is because it promotes muscle balance. The front of the shoulders are called the front delts. This front is best addressed by the first exercise: the front raises. In this exercise the focus can be put on the front of the shoulders. It is important to move as little as possible with the weight, because then the focus on the shoulders is reduced. Here you force yourself to use your core more. This exercise can be performed with dumbbells or at a cable station. OurGorilla Wear Tank Tops are perfect for showing off your shoulders in the gym!

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Side delts

The side of the shoulder is also known as the side delt. The side delt can be properly addressed through a side raise. When performing the side raise it is important that, as with the front raise, there is not much movement with the weights. This in turn will ensure that the force on the side delt is reduced. In both exercises it is not important that a lot of weight is used. Like the side raise, this exercise can be performed with dumbbells or at a cable station.

The third exercise is perhaps the most valuable exercise, called the military press. This exercise contributes to the growth of all shoulder heads, especially the side of the shoulder. It is important here that the bar is placed in the rack at the same position as the squat. After that, it's easy to take the bar out of the squat rack at shoulder width. Next, lift the bar above your head and make sure you tighten your core properly. For wrist and lower back stability, you can use the Gorilla Wear Wrist Wraps PRO and the Gorilla Wear Leather Lifting Belt.

The fourth exercise is the wide-grip upright row. This exercise is perfect for targeting the side and rear delts. When performing this exercise it is important to stand shoulder width apart and grip the dumbbell, barbell or smith machine at thigh height. It is important here that the dumbbell, barbell or smith machine is gripped slightly wider than shoulder width. Next, bend the shoulders to the chin, around chest height is perfect! It is important that you feel your shoulders burning substantially.

Rear delts

The rear delts are also known as the back of the shoulder. The fifth exercise is therefore designed for this purpose. The face-pulls are perfect for the growth of the back of the shoulder. The exercise should be done at the cable station. It is important that the rope is set to the highest position. Then the idea is to grab the rope at the bottom and pull it towards the head. Hence the name face pull. So don't pull the rope towards your throat or hair. These were the top 5 shoulder exercises. Gorilla Wear has a wide range of accessories and clothing that will help you achieve your goals. So don't hesitate and take a look at our Tank Tops category, because they are perfect to show off your shoulders!


  • May 06, 2021
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