What do you think about Kamaru Usman's win last weekend?

What do you think of Kamaru Usman, our athlete, who ran away with the win again this past weekend?

Last weekend was the day: after more than half a year, Kamaru Usman (33) played another match on Sunday, February 14 at 04:00 CET. The Nigerian-born American, also known as The Nigerian Nightmare, took on his former teammate Gilbert Burns (34) at the UFC Apex. The event, UFC 258 was hosted by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The welterweight champion managed to defeat his opponent by means of a TKO in the third round. Because of this Kamaru Usman keeps his belt with 'Welterweight Champion' on it.


The Nigerian Nightmare 

Kamaru Usman made his debut as a professional MMA fighter with a victory over David Glover. Following Kamaru Usman's good performance on The Ultimate Fighter, he earned his contract with UFC. He won eleven matches in a row, winning the title in the process. In this title fight, Tyron Woodley was defeated and then Kamaru Usman was declared the UFC welterweight champion. Last weekend he took on Gilbert Burns and it was his job to defend the UFC Welterweight title. He is currently ranked #5 in the 'UFC men's pound-for-pound rankings'. No wonder his nickname is 'The Nigerian Nightmare', right?

Actually, the fight should have already taken place during UFC 251, but due to COVID-19 this was not possible and cancelled. Last Sunday's fight took place in Las Vegas and will be held at the UFC Apex. This complex was constructed in 2019 to host UFC matches. This includes UFC 258, last weekend's event. This was Kamaru Usman's first bout in the complex, while Gilbert Burns already had a fight in it.


Kamaru Usman record 

Kamaru Usman's record looks considerably good, winning no less than eighteen matches and losing only one. His last match, before last Sunday's, was therefore a win over Jorge Masvidal. After a good match, he managed to win on points. An important victory for Kamaru Usman and his team. Another fight that drew a lot of attention was his match against Colby Covington. Like seventeen other matches, this one was also won by Kamara Usman. In the process, Colby Covington broke his jaw.


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